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Thursday 6 June - 14h/17h
Workshop URBALYON-Agence d'urbanisme

Dare to NOT be innovative – how to implement good ideas to mitigate segregation

Following a rapid increase of migrants entering Sweden over the last few years our housing systems and social structures have come under pressure. Certain neighborhoods were particularly troublesome and employment among new migrants was very low. The public housing company of Norrköping decided that somebody had to do something to mitigate segregation, and therefore they created the Portal; a meetingplace with one goal; make people get a job. By focusing on people’s strengths rather than weaknesses, the Portal has become a true story of success. Through language courses, networking sessions and partnerships with the local community the Portal redefines the remit of a traditional housing company. Good ideas are worth spreading and therefore the industry group Public Housing Sweden (SABO) is currently working to replicate this initiative to other cities in Sweden. We don’t need new innovations – we need more “copy+paste”. Dare to do so.       

SABO Here you will find the power point of the Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies (SABO) !


The’Union Régionale pour l’Habitat des Jeunes (URHAJ) and the Association d’Aide a Logement des Jeunes (AILOJ) will then present their actions.

Meeting Point : UrbaLyon, Agence d’Urbanisme