Wednesday 5 June - 10h-18h
Special Event La Duchère

Urban Regeneration through Social Housing

A visit + workshop day on urban renovation, confronting a well known experience from Lyon, with experiences from Amsterdam and Vienna and the strategies suggested by research office FedercasaLAB (ITA).

Morning will be dedicated to an explained visit of the experience in Lyon, in La Duchère area, where massive renewal has been implemented over last decades. The afternoon will offer the opportunity to cross sights between various countries and various stakeholders, policy managers and ground stakeholders.

This event is organized by the City of Lyon, the “Mission La Duchère” from Métropole de Lyon, the City of Amsterdam, Federcasa and the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations..

Morning will be dedicated to a commented visit of urban transformation in La Duchère area over last decades. Technicians from Grand Lyon Habitat and members of the ABC HLM association will present an overview of the interventions carried out on the housing stock from the 1980s to the present day in the context of the upcoming Urban Renewal.

Meeting point (at 10 am): Maison du Pojet (12 bis Place Abbé Pierre), facing  the post office. Martinière-Duchère bus stop.

To register in the morning (10-12h30) here  – SOLD OUT

Lunch break: lunch at the Brasserie Rosa Parks (brewery), Place Abbé Pierre. Unique menu with a dish, a gourmet coffee and a glass of wine (15€ in total, at the expense of each participant).

The afternoon will host a workshop to cross sights between various countries and various stakeholders, policy makers and grassroots operators.

To register in the afternoon (3pm-6pm) here


15:00-15:10 Opening and introduction to the workshop

Welcome by the Chairman Niko Koers, Co-organiser of the ISHF 2017, Amsterdam

Introduction by the Director of the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations Egbert de Vries and the President of Federcasa Luca Talluri.

15:10-16:15 Urban Regeneration Cases in different European Cities

A great deal of today’s challenges to the city will take effect in urban renewal neighborhoods, both in areas constructed just before or in the decades right after World War II. Our event aims to exchange knowledge and compare cases, challenges and solutions with participants in different cities.

  • Urban regeneration in Amsterdam and the Case Slotermeer

Max van Engen (Director Housing of the Municipality of Amsterdam) and Pepijn Bakker (Strategic advisor, Housing Association Rochdale)

               o Short reaction by co-referent from Lyon

  • Urban regeneration in Vienna

Susanne Bauer, City of Vienna, Wiener Wohnen

               o Short reaction by co-referent from Amsterdam

  • Reflection of Grand Lyon on the experiences of the other two cities compared to the experience of (the case) la Duchere (referring to morning excursion)
    • Short reaction by co-referent from Vienna
16:15-16:30 Short Break
16:30-17:15 Governance of Urban Regeneration and the role of housing associations from an Italian perspective

  • Main characteristics of the Italian public housing: housing needs and the housing stock observatory in the time of Urban Regeneration

Elena Molignoni (Nomisma)

  • Preliminary results of the FedercasaLAB research

Elena Maranghi (Unit Research of FedercasaLAB)

17:15-17:55 Round table discussion: The role of different stakeholders in Urban Regeneration

Moderator: Laura Colini (URBACT Programme Advisor/ Tesserae Berlin)

Invited speakers:

  • Federation of Italian Public Housing, Alessandro Almadori
  • Grand Lyon Mission La Duchere, Bruno Couturier
  • Housing association in Lyon
  • City of Vienna, Susanne Bauer
  • Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations, Egbert de Vries
  • City of Amsterdam, Max van Engen
17:55 – 18:00 Closing word by Chairman Niko Koers