Wednesday 5 June - 14H/16H
Workshop Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l'Etat

Strong greenhouse gas mitigation by social housing: affordable neighbourhood examples

The experiences of the German housing sector of the past 20 years show, that the highest standards in energy refurbishment, e.g. the German KfW 55 building or passive buildings, are contradictory to the objective of high refurbishment rates in multi-storey buildings in terms of the investment needed and obtained through energy reduction.

Nevertheless, there are some good approaches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a large extend. A mix of “standard” energetic refurbishment (optimisation of the technical facilities, demolishment and new construction) does reduce the energy consumption up to 50 %.

District heating grids will provide the district with renewable energy but also renewable energy could be produced in the district.

The ultimate goal is to keep the rent and charges affordable while reducing the high greenhouse gas emissions.

The workshop, organised by GdW – the Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies will provide an overview of the German approach to such solutions, the support for suitable concepts through subsidies (e.g. KfW-programme Energetic Urban Renewal) and some examples, i.e. from a housing cooperative.


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