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5-6 June - 14H/16H et 16H/18H
Topic corner UCLY

Changing a prison into multifunctional living space – Guided tour

Guided tour of “La vie Grande ouverte” with a focus on the UCLY, the intergenerational residence, and the residences of A Garden on Earth – Proposed by OGIC and Habitat and Humanism, with the support of Origami Architecture.

UCLY Rehabilitation Film by OGIC aired throughout the festival in the VICAT Room.


Location : 10 Place des Archives, 69002 Lyon – Salle VICAT



5 june –  Visit in french 14h : registration HERE  – SOLD OUT

5 june – Visit in english 16h : registration HERE  – SOLD OUT

6 june – Visit in french 14h : registration HERE – SOLD OUT

6 june – Visit in english 16h : registration HERE  – SOLD OUT

About OGIC : For more than fifty years, OGIC has been a major and innovative player in real estate development, whether in the housing, urban development, commercial real estate or the rehabilitation and enhancement of historical heritage sectors. . OGIC is committed to imagining and developing ambitious real estate programs, always more economical, more supportive, more responsible, greener. Thinking cities, OGIC thinks first of all of those who live there. It is no longer a question of building buildings alone, but of thinking of collective living spaces, of inventing an environment in which human beings find their place. OGIC builds a new form of city.

To undertake the transformation of the prisons of Lyon, was to revive a district with the historical inheritance of first importance. The challenge of setting up old prisons instead, the Catholic University of Lyon, housing, offices, shops and a residence of Habitat and Humanism represented a fascinating challenge.

Our job was to bring to life in this almost lifeless place, a new neighborhood marked by a strong mix of uses and functions. Preserve heritage elements while restoring them and associating them with contemporary buildings, design shared spaces open to the city, invent terraces, courtyards and passages connecting the place of archives to the banks of the Rhone, rediscover the pleasure of the gardens and the ambition of a beautiful architecture were all elements that structured our approach.

We had to innovate, explore, create to meet the demanding environmental challenge that we had imposed on ourselves, whether it was in terms of wood heating, rainwater recovery and reprocessing system for gardens or the reuse of water. demolition materials.

Open Life is the symbol of this new kind of city that we want to bring out: a city respectful of those who live there; that takes into account all the dimensions of existence, be they economic, social, cultural; a city that allows women and men to live together regardless of their conditions, their origins, their belongings.

Thus, “La Vie Grande Ouvert” integrates 182 housing units, social or in accession, an intergenerational residence, offices and shops, but also houses the premises of the Catholic University as well as engineering schools. The 40% of the block’s land area is devoted to the creation of theme gardens.

“La Vie Grande Ouvert” is a place of humanity that privileges the social and intergenerational bond, moving from a symbolism of confinement to that of openness.