Thursday 6 June - 12H/18H
Special Event Bron - La Clairière

An other way to organize neighboorhood, urban by its very nature

Can we make urbanplanning ecofriendly and an improvement for quality of life ? Lyon Métropole Habitat, a social provider, takes up the challenge on a 16-hectare land near Lyon. An exceptionnal site, where anything could happen !

Lyon Métropole Habitat imagined a regeneration project of former police barracks, in partnership with the Lyon Metropolitan Region, the city of Bron and private parties. 1 000 housing units, office premises, facilities and commercial establishments will be brought in a space respecting nature. The first inhabitants will settle in 2022 and after 10 years or so, 2 500 people will be living in this new district, while others will be working there or simply hanging around.

This special event offers to take a look into la Clairière and talk with the actors involved in this enthralling project with diversified stands and activities on the 3 festival major themes.

Housing for everyone : a range of adequate and affordable housing, houses, small apartment buildings…

A city for all people : a mixed neighbourhood with housing, economic activity ; partnership between a social housing organization providing planning and estate promoters ; social inclusion through employment…

A planet for tomorrow : rainwater harvesting, reusing of concrete wastes from demolition, fighting urban heat islands…


Location : Christian Lacouture Street, Bron.

Shuttle transfers will be arranged to transport participants from UCLY to the site.


Time table : open from 12h00 to 18h00.

Languages spoken : English, French


A special event organized by Lyon Métropole Habitat.